Let’s use our energy to move forward

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Recognizing and Accepting The Long Haul
May 15, 2020
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For George Floyd
May 29, 2020

President’s Blog: Let’s use our energy to move forward

Holding our breath and hoping to hear everything is fine is common, but it doesn’t help our growth

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There seems to be growing evidence that shelter in place and controlled re-entry may last longer than we thought or wanted. Many of us have remained in a holding pattern, hoping to hear that everything is fine and things can quickly go back to normal. We are in this now for the long haul. The psychological energy and resources we draw upon to get us through an acute change are not identical to the ones we need to push us onward for the long haul.resilienceIt’s time to take a deep breath and draw deep inside ourselves to find the strength and resilience we need to stay moving forward. So here you are: start asking yourself what you’re going to spend this time doing. Are you going to build deeper connections with your loved ones, learn a new skill, or engage in an activity to help you grow? Acceptance of being in this for a longer period is healthy. Not quarantining your personal growth in the process is powerful.