Addressing the Youth Mental Health Crisis

Dr. Michele Nealon, President of The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, was on Good Day LA, discussing the youth mental health crisis exacerbated by the pandemic. Dr. Nealon shared signs to look for if your child is experiencing mental health issues, and ways to best support them.

Practicing Gratitude

Dr. Michele Nealon, President of The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, was on Good Day LA, sharing how practicing gratitude can improve your mental health and wellbeing - and the science that proves how and why it works.


As an immigrant, immigration is a topic that hits particularly close to home for me. The national dialogue on the topic has oftentimes become quite volatile, and it saddens me. Why not challenge ourselves to broaden our perspectives and share mutual experiences with those that are new to this country?

Health Inequality

The strategic partnership between the Achievable Foundation and The Chicago School is designed to create lasting impact in the community while helping to improve the quality of life for adults and children with developmental disabilities.

Partnering with the Achievable Foundation

We can’t eliminate health inequality overnight, but we can—and must—focus on righting the wrongs that have left so many Americans facing barriers that put them at greater risk of illness, poor quality of life and lower life expectancy.

Post-COVID Transitions and Preparations

Dr. Nealon reflects back on how COVID-19 has impacted and changed all of our lives, and shares helpful tips in preparation for the next chapter post-pandemic.

A Mental Health Pandemic

It is clear that the novel coronavirus represents just one pandemic that we are facing. The second—and the one likely to last for a decade, or even a generation—is the mental health pandemic that is already taking its toll in countless ways. TCSPP President, Dr. Michele Nealon shres her expertise on managing our mental heath to be ready for a time when this is all behind us.

Recognizing and Accepting the Long Haul

Many of us have remained in a holding pattern, hoping to hear that everything is fine and things can quickly go back to normal. We must recognize that we are in this for the long haul.

The Double-edge Sword of Chronic Illness

For people battling chronic illnesses, their challenges don't end with their physical diagnoses. There are often mental health issues as well.


One of the biggest barriers to seeking help for mental and behavioral health care needs is the role that stigma plays in our lives. Education is the single most effective weapon to combat the problem.

Integrated Health

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology President Dr. Michele Nealon on the shifting paradigm of mental health from an outdated view of overmedication and stigmatization to a holistic view of no health without mental health.


Dr. Nealon directs campuses across the country that educate almost 6,000 students from more than 30 countries in the fields of psychology, health sciences, and nursing.


Under President Nealon’s strategic leadership, TCSPP has enjoyed unprecedented success in enrollment growth and student outcomes.


Dr. Michele Nealon oversees one of the most successful non-profit professional graduate and undergraduate Universities in the nation.